When to use Direct Mail vs. Google PPC

One of the things we see an awful LOT of our clients getting confused about are roles of Google pay per click (PPC) and direct mail.
So let’s give you a quick rundown:

  • Easy to target only prospects with demographics that match your best customers
  • Great for reaching new prospects
  • A more trusted marketing medium (73% of people prefer mail to email for new product announcements)
  • No envelope or email to open, so your message gets SEEN
  • Reaches prospects where they are (they don’t have to be looking for you)
  • Can be expensive for follow-up
  • Need to obtain prospect’s address for follow-up

  • Great for generating leads
  • Can be very affordable if managed well
  • Easy to set up quickly
  • Can reach a large number of people


  • Less control over the demographics of people you want to target
  • Can’t reach potential leads that aren’t actively searching
  • Very small amount of space for your message
  • A lot of competition on search page (10-12 competing businesses)


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