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Consumer Database
Our Consumer Database is a comprehensive national file containing information on over 156 million households and 250 million individuals. The file is completely rebuilt every month.
Business Database
Our Business Database is a unique, de-duplicated mega file not available from any other source!  We take in just over 75 million records and de-dupe them down to 27 million unique businesses with over 50 million contact names.  We guarantee you will receive higher counts and more accurate data versus any other single-source database!
Resident/Occupant Database
Resident/Occupant Database includes over 143 million addresses and reaches virtually 100% of every U.S. household in every Zip Code throughout the country. With newly added business addresses, you now have the option to reach every postal delivery point in the country.
Mortgage Database
Our Mortgage Database is sourced from the county recorder and assessor records across the nation.  It is compiled on a monthly basis and contains information on over 50 million U.S. homeowners.  The file contains over 30 mortgage and property related selections in addition to household and individual demographic criteria.
New Mover Masterfile
Our 6 Month New Mover Masterfile is refreshed on a monthly basis. A
time the majority of our new records are added and records appearing in the file for more than six months are deleted.  General release of the file is scheduled for the 4th Friday of each month and is available on AlescoLeads the following Monday. A release calendar is available through the Support Team if needed.
Nurses and Healthcare Professionals
The LISTS Database includes over 7.5 million Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. The Database contains 95% Home addresses. Demographics include Age, Income, Gender, Telephone Numbers, and Specialties. The Files are updated and NCOA’d quarterly.


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